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TRIAX TV antenna Bundle

Price 159,00 €

TRIAX TV antenna Bundle

TRIAX TV antenna Bundle

  • TRIAX TV antenna Bundle
  • Triax DIGI 343 UHF-antenni (LTE 700)
  • Triax Digi 14 UHF-antenni (LTE 700)
  • Triax MFA 657 mastovahvistin + Triax ALF 202 verkkolaite
  • TRIAX TV antenna Bundle
  • Triax Koka 50 PVC antennikaapeli
  • Koaksiaalikaapelin kuorintatyökalu
  • Mastoputki
  • Lapekiinnike
  • Teleskooppikiinnike

TRIAX TV antenna Bundle

159,00 €
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TRIAX TV antenna Bundle

The TRIAX TV antenna package includes everything you need for a complete antenna installation.

  • Antenna
  • Mast Amplifier
  • Power Supply
  • Antenna Cable and TV connection cable
  • Splitters (if needed)
  • Antenna Sockets (if needed)
  • Connectors and Adapters
  • Cable Stripping Tool
  • Mast Package (if needed)

With this comprehensive package, you'll have all the necessary components for a successful TV antenna setup.

Devices and Accessories Included in the Antenna Package:

1. Antenna

The antenna is designed to receive terrestrial digital television broadcasts in the frequency range of 470-694 MHz (channels 21-48). These antennas have excellent gain and directionality. They feature Triax's Antenna Low Pass System, which suppresses 700-862 MHz 4G/LTE signals. The enclosed dipole housing with an F-connector ensures optimal TV signal reception. The antennas are made from weather-resistant materials (aluminum, magnesium, and manganese alloy).

2. Antenna Amplifier and Power Supply

The amplifier boosts the signal received by the antenna. You can use either a mast amplifier or a line amplifier. The mast amplifier is the more powerful option and is used in conjunction with a power supply in poor reception conditions. The mast amplifier should be installed as close to the antenna as possible, while the power supply is placed indoors. Power is supplied to the amplifier through the antenna cable. The mast amplifier has 1 UHF output, adjustable gain potentiometer, and LTE700 filtering. The power supply has two outputs and is installed indoors. Product package options for choosing the amplifier and power supply:

3. Antenna Cable

The antenna cable carries the signal from the antenna to the receiver, and F-connectors are used to connect each part of the antenna system together.

4. Connectors

All the connectors needed for the installation.

5. Splitters

In a home antenna network, there may be multiple receivers, resulting in various viewing points in different rooms. In such cases, the signal is divided to different receiving points using a splitter. The antenna socket distributes the incoming signal to the TV and radio. However, the signal can also be directly brought from the power supply or antenna to the television through a cable.

6. Antenna Sockets

The antenna socket distributes the incoming signal to the TV and radio. Triax FS01 and Fagor BRF 01 S are terminating models used in star networks. In a star network, the signal is branched from the central point, with a separate cable going to each antenna socket. However, if you want to daisy-chain the sockets, it's important to ensure that signal levels are suitable for each installation point. Chainable sockets include Fagor BRF 05N and Fagor BIF 09N.

7. Coaxial Cable Stripping Tool

Easily and safely strip the antenna cable.

8. TV Connection Cord

The antenna cable is connected from the antenna socket to the television. The connection cord can be selected with 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, or 15 meters of cable.

9. Mast Package

A two-meter antenna mast can be firmly attached using the double bracket with the telescopic and flat brackets. A two-meter mast can accommodate a large TV antenna or the installation of two 4G/5G antennas. The mast has a sturdy construction with a diameter of 38mm.

A four-meter antenna mast allows you to install the antenna at a higher location, and due to its extendable design, it is easily transportable. One of the most effective methods for good signal reception is to install the antenna as high as possible. A four-meter mast can accommodate both a TV antenna and 4G/5G antennas. The mast has a sturdy construction with a diameter of 38mm.

The mast extension enables a high location for the antenna. The telescopic bracket is placed on the wall at the bottom of the mast, and the flat bracket serves as the upper bracket.

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